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A little late and RunDetroit

I’m just going to go ahead and ignore the fact that it’s been almost 4 months since I posted.  Trying to catch up from October just isn’t going to happen.  I will say that I am going to try and post weekly now, and Saturdays would be the day for that.

Looking back on some of my recent posts, I realized I never got to talk about RunDetroit after it got off of the ground.  To say the least, RunDetroit is going AWESOME.  Our first week we had more volunteers than kids (5 kids, 8 volunteers), but it only took a few weeks for the numbers to steadily grow and level off around 30-35 kids we see on a weekly basis.  We take 15-18 volunteers every Monday for a ratio of about 2 kids per med student.

I’m not ashamed to brag about this program, because I honestly think it’s one of the best that the medical school offers.  Not because running is more important than taking blood pressure, or raising awareness, or tutoring.  It’s because we go every week. Every week we see the same 30 kids.  And at this point most of our volunteers have gone at least 7-8 times (many come every other week, some even come every week).  So now we have the perfect set up for influence. Community.  Life-sharing.  When we walk into that school, kids run up to us and hug us, because it’s been a whole week since they’ve seen us.

This is an hour a week where these kids get undivided attention from young adults, who know their name and are interested in what’s going on in their lives.  All day they get disciplined and badgered from teachers and parents/gaurdians.  We are here to have fun.  Let loose.  Burn energy.  And build relationships.  Sure, sometimes discipline is necessary, but it’s not our focus.

It’s so cool to see the little community we have created at Rutherford elementary.  These kids know they belong to our club, they know we care about them, and that they can talk to us about anything.  So if you ever happen to stop by Rutherford elementary on a monday afternoon, don’t be shocked by blurs of blue running through the hallways (at least while winter keeps us inside).  Don’t be alarmed by shouting as kids cheer on their classmates doing a relay.  Don’t worry if you see multiple kids hanging off of a med student, or 3rd graders teaching us different hand shakes.

This is our Mondays.  This is RunDetroit.


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  1. Enjoyed your update and looking forward to the weekly one now!

    Comment by Victor Mashni | February 13, 2010 | Reply

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