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I wonder


I often wonder at the complexity of the immune system.  At the ferocity of cytotoxic T cells (also known as “serial killers”).  At all the checks and balances and cytokines working together to keep immune responses in line.

And at neutrophils.  I wonder if God thought of his Son when he created these little cells that die at the expense of saving the greater body.

I wonder what kind of place Detroit would be if there were more jobs than people.   I wonder what Chene street used to look like before all the shops were closed and abandoned.  I wonder if the city will ever be restored to what it once was.  Or better.

I wonder if passion is contagious.  And if RunDetroit might just be able to make a difference.

I wonder about the people we met in India.  About the HIV -afflicted family that we sponsored – I wonder if the money is helping the kids get an education.  And about the kids at the orphanages.  I wonder if they think of us, or if they forgot.

I wonder where I’ll be in a year.  What hospital I’ll be rotating at, and just what it will be like to be, for the first time in my life, on a work-based schedule instead of a lecture-based schedule.

I wonder if I should get back to studying since I have an immuno exam tomorrow.  Or not.  Ok maybe just a couple more lectures.


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Love my mom

My mom and I had a layover late at night in Minnesota Saturday.   We got bored.

Photo 9

Really bored…

Photo 28

And our flight got delayed…

Photo 27

I love my mom.

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I spent the last week in San Diego visiting with family.  It was really great to spend time with cousins.  Old friendships picked up where they left off the year before.


New friendships formed as 2 of my cousins came in from Lebanon for the first time in 6 years.



And, as always, we all had a great time with each other’s company with lots of laughing, joking, picking and teasing.




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