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I’m going to India this summer.  What?! Let me take you back a few months…

Kristy and I were looking into going to Ecuador through a program that has health internships set up there.  It would be a great experience, good practice for Spanish, and sweet scenery.  Slowly, however, our hearts started to change.  We both realized that going to Ecuador would only benefit us.  We really wouldn’t be in a position to help or have an impact on the people there, as we’d be shadowing doctors most of the time.

So, what?  Well, we both spent countless hours gleaning the internet in search of Christian international health-oriented ministries.  Two of our guy friends joined in the search, as they too wanted to spend their summers in a worthwhile way, serving others.  Nothing was working out, and I began to resign the idea of traveling this summer.  As a last resort, Kristy sent an email to some missionaries her church supports in Chennai, India to see if they needed any help over the summer.  One is a missionary doctor, and they go into villages delivering free health care, along with sharing the gospel.

After all of our searches were exhausted and we were at a loss of direction, Kristy got an email back from the missionaries in Chennai.   Yes, they would love our help!  Not only do they go into the slums delivering health care, but they’ve also set up some orphanages for abandoned  and HIV positive children.  The four of us (myself, Kristy, Will, and Chris) were immediately on board, and Liz – my other roommate – soon after hopped on board after the unexpected permission from her parents.

Naturally, buying the tickets to India was a scary thing.  Did God really want me to go to India?  I didn’t have the supplies or the money (besides loans).  What about Detroit?  What about the lost right here in my backyard?  Going to India – especially working in the slums – is the farthest thing from safe.  Or comfortable.  The heat and humidity alone can assure that.  I struggled with a lot of doubt and fear when it came down to the final decision.  After much wrestling, God was able to expand my heart not only for Detroit, but for the rest of the world (especially India).  I realized that this trip wasn’t about me – my comfort, safety, supplies, money – but about Christ’s name being made known and answering the call to Go.  I ultimately decided to take a step of faith, practicing obedience when I wasn’t even sure my foot would land on steady ground.

So Going we are.  Five first year medical students with a common passion for His name.  For a trip of this magnitude [5 weeks in duration, other side of the world] it came together very quickly.  Tickets were booked 2 weeks ago.  We leave in 3 weeks [May 20].  Yet, I can see things falling into place and God’s hand present in our preparations.  I also have enormous peace amidst the fact that I really have no idea what is in store nor can I imagine the way God will use us in India.

If you want any more information on the trip – where we’ll be, what we’ll be doing – or about how you could be a support, let me know.  If you’d like to receive updates on our work given there is internet, also let me know.  Please be praying for our team, the team in India, and the people we will come in contact with.


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Tomorrow is my first neuro exam…what better time to update a blog!  Today is the last day of the Bloodwater challenge.  For the past 40 days, I did not buy any (ok I slipped up a couple times) beverages, for the purpose of donating the money saved from buying beverages to help bring clean water in Africa.

I am currently training for the Huron Hills 5K on April 25th.  If you’re in the area, you should run it – it follows a loop in Gallup Park (Ann Arbor) and benefits a good cause.  My goal is to run it in 25 minutes or less.

Finally, I just discovered that youtube has playlists!  Genius.

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