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I heart revolution

This is not new, but worth revisiting.


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Last night was Northridge‘s New Life service.  It was so amazing to have 45 minutes of worship (mostly Hillsong) while over 100 people get baptized.  It was a good reminder for me of why I am here – to worship our Creator.  I am always floored by these words from “The Stand”

“I’ll stand, with arms high and heart abandoned….”

You don’t often hear people talking about abandoning your heart to follow Jesus.  After all, isn’t God the one who gives us our “heart” – our passions, desires, etc?  Can we truly abandon the things which matter most to us – even godly desires – in order to wholly follow Christ?  Don’t get me wrong, I think God gives us passions that we use to serve him.  But I also think we must be willing to give everything up, even that which we feel called or that which we love most (i.e. Abraham’s  only son), for the sake of Christ.  Because only then, with our arms high and heart abandoned, can we purely serve him wherever he leads.

“Then Jesus said to his disciples, ‘If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.'”  Matthew 16:24

<Some off topic, exciting news:  God is showing me a way to be involved with something bigger than myself.  Wow.>

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Match Day

Today was Match day.  For those outside the medical world, its when 4th years all gather together with families and open an envelope that tells where they will be spending the next X amount of years doing residency.  Sometimes it’s one of their top choices, sometimes it’s not.  Either way, it is a binding contract, so if you got matched in po-dunk Mississippi, you’re going to Mississippi.  For competetitve residencies, being matched at all is a huge relief.  To be honest, not matching sounds kind of terrible, but there’s a good 5% or so of the class that doesn’t.

Today was a good reminder of why we are working as hard as we are.

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Last weekend was the Wayne State Medical school Lampoon. I am proud to be a member of my class.

The boy is one of the kids of a girl in our class. Excellent use of resources.

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Costa Rica

Well, I got back from Costa Rica Tuesday night.  I apologize for the delay in updating – I returned home with 12 hours of lecture missed.   So here’s what went down:

Thursday night: arrive in San Jose.  Meet host families

Friday: Day 1 working in La Carpio clinic.  La Carpio was described by Gail as being an upwardly moving community.  People have jobs and incomes and are moving forward.  This is the kitchen of a lady who works at a school for $50/week, which is enough to provide food for her 6 kids.


Saturday: Day 2 at La Carpio.  A group of about 5 students and I put together 2 bunk beds for families with more kids than beds.  One family with 9 kids requested medical exams for all the kids – something we gladly were able to do.  Here is the mom (31 yrs old) with two of her 9 kids.


Sunday: Set up at a soccer field and gave physicals to 50-some kids on sports teams.  Were then challenged to a soccer game, girls vs girls and guys vs guys.  Then took a trip to the mountains and heard  an indigenous POV of spirituality and health.

Monday: Day 1 clinic at La Libertad.  This is further into the slums, and the poverty is more severe.  Patient interviews were going more smoothly as we were getting the hang of it and learning more Spanish.  I discovered that I could give away the surplus of food my homestay packed for my lunch to the kids, and be satisfied with fruit and a Kashi bar.  This little girl got my juice box.  (it sometimes was problematic when they would return with hungry siblings…but the group normally came through with providing food)


Tuesday: Day 2 at Libertad.



Wednesday: Short day in the clinic.  Gave physicals to young kids, along with singing and playing.  Taking a medical history from a 4 year old without the parents can be interesting.

Thursday – Friday: Tortuguero – an island in the middle of the rainforest.  It was a 4 hour boat ride both ways.  Saw some crocs, monkeys, sloths.  Right by our cabins was a plane runway, probably around .6 miles long.  Friday morning me and another gal were running back and forth on this, and saw a plane coming (oh snap).  So I saw a plane land right next to me.

Saturday: Beach day at Cahuita National Park.  This was the most refreshing day for me – reading, running, sun, yoga (thanks, Marla!).  Quite possibly a perfect day.

Sunday: Return to Santa Ana.  Buy coffee.

Monday: Ziplining!  Also, walk through a park with lots of nifty plants.

Tuesday: return home

Here’s a pic from Cahuita beach.  No joke.


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